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KinderGARDEN Week 11 “I’m ready for my Close Up, Mr. DeMille” July 15, 2011

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I had to google that quote to learn the exact origins! I’ve heard it before and thought it aptly applied to this week’s KinderGARDEN update. Last week, Kim at The Inadvertent Farmer asked that we get up close and personal with our cameras in the garden. So, here are the results:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are linking up with Kim at The Inadvertent Farmer and her KINDERgarden 2011 series. Stop over to see all gorgeous, fascinating close up shots of what’s growing in our gardens!


8 Responses to “KinderGARDEN Week 11 “I’m ready for my Close Up, Mr. DeMille””

  1. What a great slideshow! I had go through a few time to pic my faves but I must say the sunflowers shots are what gets me everytime! I love the subtle color of those, what kind are they?

    OK…I must, must know about the ‘bat plant’ I have never hear of it and I think it is too cool!

    Wonderful post…seriously cool stuff! Kim

    • Thanks so much Kim! The Sunflower seeds were from a Burpee Summer Sunflower Cutting Mix packet that we won from Amy at Get Busy Gardening. The lighter two are Vanilla Ice & Jade Hybrid-lovely & so many blooms on each. The bat plant is just marvelous. The wonders God creates in the gardens…The name on the tag says “Cuphea Llavea” Bat Faced Cuphea.

  2. Cathryn Says:

    ooooh! The slide show feature is SO AWESOME!
    My favorite is the sunflower, but I love the zinnia and the realness of the raspberries.
    The quote: I know I’ve heard it, where is it from?

  3. Kirsten Says:

    lovely, lovely, lovely! you have a beautiful garden. 🙂

  4. Mama Bean Says:

    Great photos! I am definitely intrigued by the bat plant 🙂 And I loved your title for “first blush” that’s kind of how I think of it, too

  5. Jess Says:

    What a great idea to put them into a slide show.

    I have to ask. Winter sown hibiscus? That just blows my mind. You must be just a tad warmer than a zone 3, LOL!

  6. Anne Says:

    Lovely photos!

  7. Cassie Says:

    Hopped over from Kindergardens…..

    Lovely slideshow! The sunflowers are my favorite! So many beautiful blooms you have there!

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