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Sunflower House is Planted! May 31, 2011

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Despite all the lousy weather and rain we had this holiday weekend, we managed to squeeze in some time to get all the winter sown sunflower seedlings planted around the kids’ climber. Only time will tell if this works! We planted Mammoth Sunflowers around the back and then an assortment of the Burpee Sunflower Cutting Mix in front. Autumn Beauty-yellow/red/brown (5-6 ft) Vanilla Ice-closest to white (4-6 ft), Aztec Gold Hybid (6-7 ft) and Jade Hybrid, a lime green version with cream centers (4-5 ft).


KinderGARDENS May 26, 2011

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It’s a fact, gardening is in their genes. So it’s no surprise just how much our kids love to be in the garden-exploring, collecting, helping, watering, planting, nibbling, and sometimes trampling things in the garden!
From our first Sweet 100 tomato plant in a container to our much larger garden today, we have truly been on a “KinderGARDEN” adventure with our own garden. This year, we have had big plans to expand and create a truly kid-friendly garden. In searching for ideas like sunflower houses, I came across Kim’s blog at The Inadvertent Farmer. She is again running her fabulous KinderGARDEN blog series to celebrate and encourage kids in the garden and we are joining up!

In her first week, Kim asked that we give a little intro into our family, garden and plans, so here it is in mostly pictures:

The Kinder in KinderGARDEN

Miss Pearl (almost 7), Mister Pearl (almost 5), Mister Emerald (just turned 2!)


Jasper, the only one of our cats that goes outdoors-resident bunny patrolcat
Next up is a before and after of the area we were determined to utilize this year for a true KinderGARDEN for the kids to really enjoy. We spend a ton of time in our backyard (staycation, anyone?) so we really wanted to make it fun.




Father of Pearls really worked his tail off all day Sunday hauling these extra pavers, building the wall, and tilling this all in. The past few years we’ve just been adding excess sod, leaves, grass clippings to build this area up and so it has cooked down very nicely into some very rich soil.
The plan for this area from left to right is to have a Cutting Garden for Miss Pearl, a cattle panel arch upon which we’ll grow two unusual types of beans-Chinese Noodle Beans and Violetto Beans as well as some Jack Be Little Pumpkins. The corner spot is where we will plant our Sunflower Garden House. We’ll use one of the kids’ cube shaped plastic climbing structures as the support for it.

To be Surrounded with Sunflowers

We also just saw an idea in a hardscapes catalog to use square cement pavers to create a Hopscotch court. I just love that idea, so hopefully we can put that under the bean trellis!
Lastly, we are trying to establish a Fairy Garden under the lone enormous tree in our yard. It’ll take awhile to get the ground covers established, but I think Miss Pearl will really enjoy it.

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