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We interrupt this programming… September 15, 2008

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…for a Pearls’ Family Vacation! Just a thought to ponder, what happens when you take the world’s grumpiest kids to the Happiest Place on Earth? We’ll be back with highlights next week!


Blogs that inspire – Celebrating Motherhood – Thank you, Nie September 9, 2008

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You pretty much can’t go anywhere in the blogging community without seeing these lovely buttons. And after clicking on it and reading the story of a beautiful, young family facing a seemingly unsurmountable tragedy, my mind continually returns to their plight. Stephanie & Christian Nielson were in a serious plane crash and are hospitalized in critical condition with severe burns. They have four young children between 2 and 6 that are being lovingly cared for by her family in Utah. Stephanie is the author of the beautiful, creative blog NieNie Dialogues. Where many “Mommy blogs” are filled with the trials and tribulations and craziness of motherhood (that help us laugh & know we’re not alone), Stephanie chose to truly celebrate and embrace stay at home motherhood and marrriage. In reading through some of her posts, she’s truly inspired me with her words, images and strong faith. Her extended family, too, is amazing. They both come from large Mormon families and they have all stepped in to lovingly care for their sweet kiddos and all the affairs of the family. Her sister Courtney’s blog See Jane Run is where recent updates have been posted.

It is situations such as this that make you really ponder your life and think of all the What ifs? Motherhood alone brings about so many of these fears naturally-what if something happened to me/us? Our legacies we are leaving? Are we living each day to the fullest? It truly appeared that Stephanie did. And she counted her many blessings daily. In one of her posts she said “I believe my home is heaven on earth.” Thanks NieNie for the inspiration.

After our trip, I hope to organize an eBay auction to donate the proceeds to Nie’s Recovery fund. There are hundreds of such activities going on around the world/blogshere.


We interrupt this programming… September 6, 2008

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Words escape me at the moment. Perhaps it’s the ringing in my ears or the fog over my brain from two straight days of whining, whimpering, and wailing from Mr. Pearl. We first suspected teething (rolling eyes a bit here). He had a slight fever, was waking at night and has been drooling. He keeps yelling “owie” and grabbing his mouth. Now he won’t eat or drink much. We may be packing it in for one of those Sunday morning Urgent Care visits if he doesn’t improve. And Miss Pearl surely doesn’t like when all the attention is directed towards her brother, so she decided to get in on the late night act, crying and thrashing in her bed waking Mr. Pearl just after I got him soothed back to sleep. And we’ve got a full WEEK ahead of obligations and things that absolutely need to get done, crabby kids or not, right up until we leave for the Happiest Place on Earth. And a short memo to Hurricane Ike: Stay AWAY! We’re coming he$% or high water.Literally. 9/11 didn’t stop our Honeymoon Maui trip, so you won’t either. Thanks, the Pearls.


A Mommy Test. Don't worry, there are no wrong answers. Does this image bother you? September 3, 2008

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Lately, the Pearls have been in love with Play-doh, and at long last, they have been able to sit and play nicely together at the kitchen table for extended stretches, I know shocking isn’t it? For once, I was able to quietly get some household chores done, stopping by now and then when someone needed help. Except when I turned around from my task to see this… over Mister Pearl’s shoulder, I could see he was quietly heaping all of the colors of the new Play-doh we had just bought together in one big messy pile…

It brings to mind a funny article (don’t ask me where I read it now!) about you’re either a Clean Mom or a Messy Mom. In that, you can tolerate the messes that kids make all in the name of development and exploration, or you cannot handle it at all, much like Kate from Jon & Kate Plus 8 comes to mind. I think initially I was a Clean Mom, but have slowly moved towards Messy Mom (in so many more ways it seems…). If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em or something to that effect.

But suddenly seeing this conglomeration of Play-doh being lumped together, my Clean (Ok, somewhat formally anal) Mom instincts started buzzing at the sight of it. But then right out of earshot, I stood back to hear him crooning softly, “Birday too yoooo” And I snapped back to being Messy Mom just like that.


J.R. Watkins September Sales & Promotions. Save big in September! September 2, 2008

This time I’m only two days late! I just received my September Sales & Promotions catalogs and I’m so excited for all of the new 2008 Fall/Gift Seasonal products now available. I’ll be doing some more detailed posts highlighting this line, but you can see a summary of the Seasonal product line here. You can also view the entire list of September Sales items on the “Monthly Sales” page or by visiting Monthly Specials at

Once again, our famous, fabulous Double Strength Vanilla is on sale as are the delicious Mexican Soup Base and Six Onion Soup Base. Perfect for Fall cooking/baking.

One new Seasonal product that I cannot wait to get is the Pomegranate Sink Set
Unlock the secret to naturally clean, soft hands with J.R. Watkins Pomegranate Sink Set. Rid hands of daily dirt and grime, then moisturize and soften with our natural hand & body lotion scented by this seasonal fruit with a hint of winter spice. This handsome caddy, made exclusively for Watkins, is sturdy, water-resistant and embossed with the J.R. Watkins logo. Perfect for display next to the kitchen or bathroom sink.

Set includes:
Pomegranate Spice Natural Hand Soap (325 mL /11 fl oz)
Pomegranate Spice Natural Hand & Body Lotion (325 mL/11 fl oz)

It’s on sale this month for $16.99. I think it would make a lovely Christmas gift for someone on your list!


J.R. Watkins Natural Home Care Line is Growing! Introducing the Orange Citrus Line

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Everyone loves our J.R. Watkins Orange Citrus Tub and Tile cleaner. Customers say the sweet scent of natural essential orange oil offers an unmatched clean scent. We’ve answered the call with our new J.R. Watkins Orange Citrus line. Our natural plant-based dish soap, hand soap, all-purpose cleaner, all-purpose cleaner concentrate and room spray will be available in this Orange Citrus scent! Enjoy the same great cleaning products you’ve come to love, but now in a fantastic new scent!

Look for these new products in the second half of 2008 in the Sales and Promotions catalogs. I am so excited to read this! Although I simply love the Green Tea & Aloe cleaning products, I’ve had alot of customers inquire about Orange like the tub & tile cleaner.


First Day of Preschool September 1, 2008

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The first day of preschool went swimmingly well for Miss Pearl. I can’t help but conjure up the thought of the Finding Nemo sequence where Nemo is excitedly shouting “First Day of School! First day of School! Wake Up, Dad!” She was so excited to finally be going to the same school where Daddy attended as well as her favorite big cousins. Drop off was seamless & I was able to snap a few pictures while trying to keep Mister Pearl somewhat contained in the sea of kids.

It was truly one of those bittersweet moments. You know they are ready to embark on their school journey, but you want to keep them little for a bit longer. When I snapped the above picture and saw it in the viewfinder, it instantly made me think of another image snapped just three short (long?) years ago.

I was also comforted by the fact that we had read the sweetest, most relevant story book quite by accident last night. It was another one of my fun thrift shop book finds, The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn. It was a beautifully illustrated, pristine hardcover that I briefly leafed though. We started reading it only to realize that it was about a sweet little Raccoon’s first day of school. And how the Momma Raccoon kissed the Little Racoon’s palm and said to hold it up to his cheek if he was missing her. Then the Little Racoon did the same to his Momma-sniff, sniff. I’m not sure who need that Kissing Hand more… (Apparently Penn has written several sequels to this book which I’d love to get!)

And of course, what I was really wishing for, is that the epitomy of a two year old, Mister Pearl, could have gone through those doors instead. Oh boy, has he ever been trying what shred of patience we have left. But here he is, cute as pie, sporting his very own Cars backpack, wanting desperately to do everything his big sister does. He jumped in all the pictures I was trying to take of her with her classmates.

Everyone was quite enamored with Mr. Pearl, but, oh, the terrific, terrible two tantrum he threw, when he found out he could not enter the school with the rest of the kids. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…