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Wit & Wisdom of Miss Pearl… December 24, 2008

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Merry Christmas Eve! Hard to believe it’s finally here. We can’t wait to see the Pearls’ excitement over all the holiday festivities. Miss Pearl may even be old enough to make it to Midnight Mass with Father of Pearls tonight.

So, this morning, Miss Pearl and I were attempting to pick up the pig sty that is called her room. Or more like Mommy was picking up and Miss Pearl was dancing around merrily, talking a mile a minute. You know, generally avoiding any and all work. So as my already uncomfortably pregnant body is crawling around the floor picking up 3/4 of the emptied bookshelf and I’m grumbling and mumbling to myself about how Santa would fall over dead if he saw this room, Miss Pearl, exclaims, “Mommy, you sound just like The Grinch.” OUCH. TOUCHE. Out of the mouth of babes.

Sadly, Miss Pearl isn’t too far off the mark. This difficult pregnancy & juggling holiday and home has taken it’s toll on me. And I’m sorry about that baby girl. I will try harder to see the wonder and joy in life through your gorgeous baby blues. If you can look past all these messes, surely I can?


Trying so hard to get back in the proverbial saddle December 18, 2008

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“It’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to…” You would cry too if you spent 4 long months fighting awful morning sickness, followed by a month of sinus infections on top of said morning sickness, followed by a UTI, followed by the brutal stomach bug circulating these parts. OK, maybe you wouldn’t, but I sure have. 

Moving along, we’ve somewhat decked the halls, somewhat shopped for gifts, somewhat wrapped some gifts, and somewhat attempted some favorite holiday traditions. Somewhat just has to be it this year.

Miss Pearl, in particular, dove into these festivites with as much gusto as she usually approaches life. I think she single-handedly decorated our tree for us. I had figured we would probably stretch it out over this long week doing a bit at a time.  Nope.  And Mister Pearl has been absolutely hilarious riding in the car admiring all of the Christmas lights! No matter how meager the display, they all get his accolades. “Look, Mommy a Cwiss-miss tree” “Look, Daddy a no Man!” This has helped pass many a nights by driving all over town looking at lights to the sweet request of “See more! See more!” To which Father of Pearls and I chuckle and say “Feed Me, Seymour”. Truly the holidays are a time to count blessings and these two feed our souls with such innocent sweetness, it’s hard not to feel like a kid again seeing this wonderful time of year through their eyes.