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Wii are Family October 27, 2009

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We finally convinced Father of Pearls to trade in his dusty Play Station 2 console and games for a credit towards a Wii! It’s almost scary how good Mister Pearl is at video games. Maybe he can take out all of his 3 year old angst and frustrations on Wii Sports! He seriously creamed me in Boxing. (Why am I not surprised?)

10 22 09 056

Mister Pearl still has yet to master the combination of using both the Wii controller and nunchuck, so he likes to hold one and have someone else control the other. In absence of either Daddy or Miss Pearl, he got industrious the other day and thought Mister Emerald could lend a hand!


What If She's An Angel… October 21, 2009

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…Sent here from Heaven
And she’s making certain you’re doing your best
To take the time to help one another
Brother are you going to pass that test?
You can go on with your day to day
Trying to forget what you saw in her face
Knowing deep down it could have been her saving grace
What if she’s an angel? Lyrics by Tommy Shane Steiner

09 07 09 053

This song played heavily on my mind when this little gal came into our lives recently.

Early on Labor Day morning, we heard a knock at the door. It was a neighbor who saw that our back gate was open and asked if the dog running around our lawn belonged to us… When Father of Pearls stepped outside to investigate, he also noticed a small dog carrier laying askew in our parkway. Instantly we knew. She had been dumped in our neighborhood. A gorgeous cocker spaniel puppy. Dirty. Scrawny. Hungry. Shaking. The busy, hurried neighbor made no real indication that she would help this poor animal other than to offer up some of her dog’s food. (Now the back story to this if you don’t already know, Father of Pearls is the Pied Piper of Strays. So many animals in need have miraculously crossed his path (hence the gaggle of cats that inhabit our home) and he’s helped either to save and rehabilitate them or to find their owner. Part of what endears me to him, he has the kindest, giving heart.) But for some reason, this time, before Father of Pearls and I could even discuss it, my eyes locked with the pup’s and I impulsively blurted out, “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of her.”
…To Be Continued…


Signs You're The Littlest Brother Part 2… October 19, 2009

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10 17 09 011
…Big Brother uses you as a Hot Wheels Ramp and Parking Lot!

If you’ve never had the pleasure of snuggling our sweet Mister Emerald, you can definitely tell a lot about his personality from this picture. He’s by far the mellowest kid of the bunch. At five and a half months, he has yet to roll over. He’s just content to lay on the floor taking it all in amid the swirling chaos around him! Middle-named for our beloved, placid, sweet Gramps, Mister Emerald truly shares those qualities with him. When Miss Pearl first came to see Mr.Emerald in the hospital, she remarked, “Mommy, he’s the perfect baby for us.” I couldn’t have said it better. We love you, Littlest Brother!