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Paging Doctor McDreamy… January 27, 2011

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Is there a doctor in the house?  This lil man is sooooo funny!  He has the sweetest, most hilarious habits and mannerisms. For the past several days he has worn these stethoscopes around his neck for the better part of the day. He’s most definitely our doctor-in-training!  Funny,  for all the “wow, he has a big head” comments we’ve endured, we’ve always held fast to the belief that Mister Emerald’s head is the size it is, because of all the BRAINS it’s holding.  And, that he was our Harvard-bound one for sure!


Garden Dreams and Winter Sowing

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What else is a gardener to do in snowy January, but pour over gardening books and seed catalogs collecting ideas to expand this spring’s garden? How about planting seeds? Outdoors? In the winter? Yessssssss! With “Winter Sowing” we can let Mother Nature work her magic with a few simple steps. This looks to be a delightful alternative to starting seed indoors for us. Becauase let us not forget this post and the sad demise of our very first seed starting attempt!

I happened upon the topic of Winter Sowing while googling to find out more about all the “volunteer” annuals that grew from seed in our yard last year. Below is the front bed where we have planted petunias in past years. Due to “budget constraints”, we didn’t buy anything but vegetable garden plants last year. But we were pleasantly surprised by this wild crop of petunias that came back from seed. We also had salvia and snap dragons reseed. I love free plants!!

So we’ve been saving all the containers we can find in anticipation of winter sowing our first seeds soon.  Hopefully more pictures to come from that!