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Signs Mister Pearl is perhaps watching too much TV… June 30, 2009

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As he’s raiding the fridge for the hundredth time of the day, he says, “Mommy, look, Veggie Tales!”

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Happy Father's Day June 21, 2009

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Happy Father’s Day, Father of Pearls & an Emerald! We love you. We hope you have a relaxing day, oh wait, maybe in about 20 years! Thanks for being the best Daddy kids could ask for, taking us swimming, fishing, camping, bringing home snakes, cooking us breakfast, & tickling us til we scream! And so much more…
How is that, we don’t have any pics with Daddy & all three of his kiddos, so I’ll just post three of my favorites of them around the same age as Mister Emerald.

Daddy & Miss Pearl

Daddy & Miss Pearl

Daddy & Mister Pearl

Daddy & Mister Pearl

Daddy & Mister Emerald

Daddy & Mister Emerald


Ha…Accountability! June 20, 2009

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…Maybe that’s the purpose this blog will serve, for me to be accountable for various tasks! I said in my last gardening post that we would get the rest of the garden planted on Sunday and we did! Now for the hardest part, the waiting, waiting, waiting. We are very encouraged by the sight of some shoots already peeking out of the soil, especially the cucumbers! I see fresh cucumber salads in our future. We’re supposed to have some hot weather this week, so grow garden, grow.

Now if we could just figure out how to keep the birds out of our stawberry patch… Or at least they could be neater about it and take the entire berry. They nibble on part of the best, reddest berries and leave the rest languishing on the vines. And even more aggravating is that we have a pretty bird-friendly yard. We have several bird feeders and some serviceberry trees with lovely, ripe red berries just for them. Maddening!

And to close with a funny… Mister Pearl and Miss Pearl were of course helping us plant.  I had just run a length of twine between two nails across one of the beds along which we would plant seeds.  I turned around to get my shovel just in time to see Mister Pearl ceremoniously snip my line with the kid scissors I had brought outside with me. I couldn’t get mad at his sudden fine motor prowess with the scissors.  He is now affectionately dubbed  “The Mayor”!  We’re booking him out for opening ceremonies and engagements!


Pearls' Garden Adventure v.2 June 13, 2009

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Wow, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted here!  New little baby guy is already 6 weeks old, time is just flying by. Not sure of the focus or direction I want to take with this blog, more personal/family or more for Watkins business related items. Stay tuned for that!

Meanwhile, garden season is upon us in full swing. We’ve gotten a bit behind in planting, in part due to the weather and some due to the fact  we’re still in new baby “survival mode”.  We’re hoping to get the rest of the seeds planted tomorrow. Even with that, we’re at Mid-August until there will be veggies to harvest. I so wish we lived in a warmer zone that allowed for earlier planting.

Based on how last year’s garden did, we made some big changes to our planting choices. We also switched up with what would be more fun for the Pearls to harvest.  Not as interesting  without pictures, but we are trying the following: Burpee Sweet Treat Carrots, Burpee Green Pearls Edaname, Burpee Sweeter Yet Cucumber, Burpee Blue Lake Pole Beans, Burpee Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon, & a variety of tomatoes. We found an interesting variety called “Health Kick” which is said to have twice the amount of Lycopene.

Yes, ‘Health Kick’ is the real, registered name of this fantastic tomato that gourmet chefs are choosing for any recipe that requires a tomato. The news media also has been full of praise for the antioxidant element known as lycopene—a pigment that gives tomatoes its bright red color. Lycopene promotes healthy cell growth and fights cancer causing agents in thebloodstream. Tomatoes are the bestsources of lycopene, and the already high lycopene content in ‘Health Kick’ actually increases when cooked—as a tomato paste applied to popular dishes such as pasta and pizza. Even as tomato soup, tomato juice and ketchup, lycopene can become four times more potent in its health content! ‘Health Kick’ is also high in vitamins C, potassium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin A and vitamin B.

We also have some Oregano that came back, Dill & a large pesto type Sweet Basil.  We’re able to do the Cukes & Beans this year because Father of Pearls was charged with building a cedar a-frame trellis to support them. Ahem, Father of Pearls, are you still reading? Oh you must be working on that trellis then.  Ahem, perhaps I got a bit carried away with the garden ambitions in light of how busy our lives are right now. Sorry. We love you Father of Pearls! Maybe it’ll be a gardening blog, I never tire of that topic!