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Winter Sowing 2-19-11 February 20, 2011

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Our winter sowing record for 2-19-11:

Busy, busy! We used up the rest of the 16 quart (I think!) bag of potting mix, so that filled roughly 22 containers.

#15 Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson-Salad Container garden & maybe under bean trellis in summer?
#16  Baby Leaf Spinach-Salad container garden
#17 Petunia-Dwarf Bedding Mix-Containers
#18 Snap Dragons-Tall Mixed-3 to 3 1/2 feet? Is that right?-Cutting garden?
#19 Viola-Johnny Jump Ups-borders
#20 ”
#21 Bachelor Buttons-Cyanus Double Mixed-Cutting garden
#22 ”

One thing that really struck me when we were opening flower seed packets was the marvel of the different looks of the seeds. And how the seed size didn’t necessarily correspond to the grown flower. The three foot tall Snap Dragon seeds were absolutely miniscule, like a black grain of sand. The Bachelor Buttons had this funny tufted part sticking out. And just thinking about the whole process from seed to flower made me thank God for doing such amazing work!


Winter Sowing 2-18-11 February 19, 2011

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Our winter sowing record for 2-18-11:

I thought I’d add in some pictures to help in planning where to plant things.

#8  Wildflower Blend for Full Sun from’ll see what pretties pop up from this mix!
#9 Rose Mallow-Annual 24″-36″-Cutting garden?

Rose Mallow

#10 Black Eyed Susan-Perennial Garden
#11 ”
#12 Echinacea-Purple & White Coneflower Mix-Perennial Garden
#13 ”
#14 Zinnias-Annual-Cutting Garden? These get three feet high? These are older seeds I found, so not sure if they’ll germinate well if at all.


First Winter Sowing! February 17, 2011

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We finally got started on our winter sowing project!  The kids were HUGE helpers and worked together to get a system down quickly.

The Pearls each picked out seeds they wanted to try. They did beautifully scattering the teeny, tiny seeds on the dirt and in following directions perfectly on how much to cover up or not to cover each seed. Except when Mr. Pearl got overly (impatient) exhuberant:) with his “Sweet Alyssum” seeds and sowed some in Miss Pearl’s container of Impatiens.  Hopefully those aren’t wild germinators!

Our winter sowing record for 2-16-11:

#1  Lettuce-Green Ice-for our proposed container salad garden on the deck.
#2 Impatiens-Butterfly Hybrid Mix-annuals for pots & edging
#3 Alyssum-Royal Carpet-front yard incircling the pink flowering shrubs (who’s name escapes me) around the river birch!
#4 ”
#5 Dianthus-Ipswich Pinks-some area we turn into a cottage garden style perennial bed-see dream garden below
#6 Shasta Daisy-Silver Princess-ditto!
#7 ”

We got so many great tips at like using plastic silverware for labeling containers. You can also write to and receive free seeds to try out. We received so many exciting varieties of flowers and tomato seeds, we may need a bigger vegetable garden this year!

Speaking of free seeds, Amy, at Get Busy Gardening is hosting a great contest to highlight winter sowing with seed giveaways. I’m learning very quickly that you can never have too many seeds to sow! I think we’ll be able to winter sow thru our small stash quickly and be wanting more!  We’ve still got 20 some empty milk jugs and countless other containers we’ve been saving. We’re also hopefully to have plants to give as Mother’s Day gifts. So now we leave it in Mother Nature’s hands to work her magic!