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KinderGARDEN Week 12 07-24-11 July 24, 2011

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It was a hot one this past week! Here are a few things we observed in the garden this week:

First Tomato Harvested!

First "real" Jack Be Little Pumpkin

Until now, all of the little pumpkins would grow to about a cherry tomato size and then shrivel up. This week we noticed two large ones that are doing great! Here’s Mister Emerald staring at the “Punkin”! And we’ve never grown pumpkins before, but one of the three is threatening to take over the world. It’s UNBELIEVABLE how large they grow!

First Violetto beans on the trellis

And here’s how the three areas of the KinderGARDEN are shaping up:

Cutting Garden

Trellis Arch

Sunflower Forest

And Kim asked if we have any animals and if they are a part of our garden! We have cats, but only one insists rather loudly and obnoxiously to go outside. She is a Mama cat we rescued, who gave us 3 adorable baby kittens in which to love! She is a master hunter, although I think she’s allowing her prey to feast on our square foot garden bed before she pounces… Here she is laying down on the job apparently!

We are linking up with Kim at The Inadvertent FarmerΒ and her KINDERgarden 2011 series. Stop over to see Kim’s new additions to her family!


6 Responses to “KinderGARDEN Week 12 07-24-11”

  1. That cat picture makes me just want to scratch its tummy. Our pumpkins are just flowers now, I hope something shows up soon.

  2. Mama Bean Says:

    Yay First Tomatooooooo! I think that one always tastes the sweetest… until the SECOND! Your trellis arch is coming along very nicely πŸ™‚

  3. Jess Says:

    Your sunflowers are HUGE! Everything looks great! We mostly have weeds. But I guess that’s okay.

  4. Shayne Says:

    That is the cutest pumpkin ever!

    I can’t get over the transformation in your yard. Thinking back to the beginning of the season, things have really come together for you. Absolutely beautiful!

  5. Kirsten Says:

    wow, everything looks amazing! what a fun-looking garden. i’m sure your kids are loving it! πŸ™‚

  6. kerri Says:

    Your KinderGARDEN is such a lovely, happy spot! I’m sure the kids are loving it. Budding gardeners and photographers…wonderful!
    Kitty looks happy too πŸ™‚
    That first ripe tomato is so welcome!
    Yes, pumpkin and squash vines tend to take over the world.
    The pink Batface Cuphea is lovely, isn’t it? It was an exciting find. I hope you manage to find some next spring. It grows easily from seed so I could send you some if you’d like.
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello πŸ™‚

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