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KinderGARDEN Update 06-30-11 June 30, 2011

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This week’s KinderGARDEN assignment was to turn over the camera to the kids! The Pearls sure loved this task.
First up, just a few highlights from Mister Pearl (He easily snapped off 40 in the short time frame though):

My Budding Photographer

I really loved the angle of this one and the sun flare.

Broccoli-the kids were fascinated with how it grows vs. the bunch bought in the store!

And of course, siblings capturing siblings on camera give some of the best candid images I have. You can just see something different in their eyes.

Love you, Brother

Now for Miss Pearl:

Miss Pearl's Photography-specializing in MACRO images

Pumpkin Vine blossoms Closeup

Marigold Closeup

And we couldn’t do without another sibling close up! Love the reflection in his eyes πŸ™‚

In Your Eyes

We are linking up with Kim at The Inadvertent Farmerand her KINDERgarden 2011 series. Stop over to see all the images captured in our gardens through the eyes of the kiddos!


11 Responses to “KinderGARDEN Update 06-30-11”

  1. Nice job. Isn’t it amazing how no matter what they seem to love getting pictures of their siblings? Mine did too…

  2. What a great post….LOVE all the sibling shots, what fun! I’m excited to see your tunnel all grown over! Kim

  3. Rose Says:

    Your pearls are quite the talented photographers! I love the sibling shots. How wonderful that you are sharing your love of gardening with them. I didn’t do much gardening when my children were young, but I’m trying to make up for it with my grandkids. I have two young Spidermen also:)

    Thanks for visiting me–I wish the Japanese beetles here would fly away, but for your sake, I hope the they don’t fly north!

  4. Kirsten Says:

    Ha, love the sibling snaps. πŸ™‚ Great job!

  5. Shayne Says:

    Love the shot of the pumpkin blossom! The lighting is very cool.

  6. Mama Bean Says:

    that squash blossom shot is beautiful – they are such gorgeous flowers πŸ™‚ Your kiddos did great πŸ™‚

  7. Holly Says:

    We planted broccoli and I’ve been wondering when (and how) the actual broccoli was going to appear. That’s very cool! I can’t wait for ours to look like that! Please thank your son for showing me!!! Nice photos…I’m a fan of the Macro style : )

  8. Cathryn Says:

    That was a very fun walk through your garden and I loved the kid pics!
    Great kids, great photos!

  9. Jess Says:

    Too fun that they took pics of each other too!

    The pumpkin blossom photo is just lovely. Tell Miss Pearl, okay!?

  10. Cassie Says:

    Oooh! I love the pumpkin blossom photo! Our pumpkins are quite behind…….

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