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KINDERgarden Update 06-17-11 June 18, 2011

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We got alot accomplished in our garden this week. We planted out everything we had on hand for the Cutting Garden. They were all grown by seed, mostly through winter sowing. There are Bachelor Buttons, a wildflower mix, and Tall Snapdragons in the back row. Wintersown Echinacea, Shasta Daisy and Black Eyed Susans in the middle row. Our beautiful Dwarf Zinnias and Butterfly Weed in the front row. I may need to get some more bloomers for cutting to fill in this year, as I’m not sure that second row will even bloom the first year. We also have some Moss Roses, Sweet William and Phlox to plant in the very front.

Corner Cutting Garden

Beautiful Girl with her beautiful Zinnias

Next year, we’re growing Zinnias in ABUNDANCE! They’re so pretty. Let’s hope we can keep the Japanese beetles off of them.

This is also pretty cool, Miss Pearl’s teacher presprouted bean seeds with their class, but they left them over the weekend in their hot classroom. Look at these roots! I found it pretty fascinating. Truly, this entire spring of growing plants from seed has been remarkable. How a huge plant grows from just one tiny seed… It’s hard for me not to be moved by my faith while out in the garden.

And we did pot these up and later plant in our square foot garden.

The Bird-X netting over the strawberry patch seems to be working very well. Lots of juicy, red strawberries for the kids to enjoy. Even Mister Emerald is learning quickly this year how to harvest his own tasty tidbits in the garden. Just wish they’d save a few for Mommy!

Siblings Sharing Strawberries in the Summer

We are linking up with Kim at The Inadvertent Farmerand her KINDERgarden 2011 series. ***We are beyond excited to find that we won Kim’s contest featuring a copy of Sharon Lovejoy’s book “Sunflower Houses”! Please stop over and visit Kim and all the other KINDERgardens linked there for so much fun and inspiration!


11 Responses to “KINDERgarden Update 06-17-11”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    wow, look at those sprouts root!!

    congrats on the book win! sharon is so full of wonderful ideas.

    we are planting a bajillion zinnias, too – we saved some seeds from last year, i am curious to see what they look like when they bloom, since i think we planted a hybrid last year. i used to hate zinnias, but they grew on me last year – i loved their bright, cheerful colors (and all the butterflies they attracted)!

  2. Kristine Says:

    You are amazing. I love your garden… wish I lived next door to you!!

  3. Melissa Says:

    I am new to the zinnia’s this year and I too love them. Such color. Going to save seeds and plant a lot next year.

  4. Mama Bean Says:

    That cutting garden looks great! I love bachelor’s buttons, they are all over our community garden, people let them spread because they are so pretty 🙂 Congrats on winning the book!

  5. Mindy Says:

    Congratulations on your win. You have a lovely garden. Look at all of your flowers!

  6. Shayne Says:

    Hooray for zinnias! They are by far one of the most cheerful flowers in a late summer garden. We just planted some from seed in one of our main gardens; we’ll see if the bunnies let us have any, or if they eat them all.

  7. The Farrm Says:

    I am also very impressed on how Faith is demonstrated in and strengthened by gardening.
    Appreciate the alliteration you used in the last caption!

  8. Anne Says:

    It really is amazing how something so small can have such a large root system!

  9. Kindra Hayes Says:

    I know how you feel about “saving some for mommy”. I have only had one strawberry.

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