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KINDERgardens Update 06-13-11 June 13, 2011

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Now that the Sunflower “House” had been finished,  we were so anxious for Father of Pearls to install the cattle panel trellis. But, we had so many rainy days last week that he didn’t get to install it until this past Saturday. We had pre-sprouted the bean plants for it and potted them up and they were getting so big already! Our three Jack Be Little pumpkin vines were also getting so HUGE and needed to be planted. I was debating tucking those into the landscape on the North side of our house in front of some shurbs. Last year we noticed a neighbor did this. I never really took notice until we saw a huge pumpkin growing! It looked beautiful with all the lush green leaves trailing through. I’m getting very interested in “Edible Landscaping”.  So much so that I tucked some Zucchini plants in between a space in the Lilac bushes on that South side of the house that gets alot of sun.

Back on Memorial Day, we were sharing our KINDERgarden update with my Mother in Law, who is an avid gardener and landscape architect, and she excitedly showed us her new vines she had bought-a Hyacinth Bean and a Bat Plant. The Bat Plant has the neatest flowers that look like little purple/red bats flying! I had mentioned that I was thinking about adding some annual flower vines to the trellis for color and she surprised us with 8 gorgeous vining annual plants from her favorite nursery! We have 3 Bat Plants, 3 Black Eyed Susan vines and 2 “Candy Corn” plants. What a gift that was to our little Kindergarden!

After we hosted a huge “Three Ring Circus” Birthday party celebrating our three sweeties on Saturday, I was so excited to wake up Sunday to a gorgeous, sunny day. Finally, we could get the rest of the KINDERgarden planted!  Here it is best explained in pictures! (Click any photo to enlarge.)

There was already little pumpkins forming on our vine!And I think the Hopscotch turned out really cute. The 12×12 tiles were only $1.25 at Walmart. My Mom cut out the number stencils on her Cricut. I still need to paint a rectangle stone for “Sky Blue”! We still need to run some soaker hoses and mulch the entire area. Hopefully we can do that this week. Then we get to watch and wait for everything to GROW!

We are linking up with Kim at The Inadvertent Farmerand her KINDERgarden 2011 series.


12 Responses to “KINDERgardens Update 06-13-11”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    Oh, things are looking good! LOVE how the hopscotch tiles turned out!

  2. Kirsten Says:

    you sound like you are close by if you are dealing with both deer and japanese beetles. are you in the northeast?

    • Actually no deer as we’re in the middle of suburbia, Chicago suburbs, but the grubs/beetles are my biggest nemesis so far. My MIL uses Sevin, but I would like to try an application of Milky Spore instead.

      • Kirsten Says:

        oops – getting my kindergardens mixed up. must have been someone else dealing with deer. sorry !

        chicago! i went to school at wheaton…too many years ago. 🙂

        good luck with the beetles! we ended up ripping out all of our roses after we gave up fighting them. (it also helped that the neighbors planted a plum tree they loved, so they all went to their yard).

      • We’re just west of Wheaton! Small world.

  3. Jess Says:

    Tiny pumpkins already! How gratifying that must be.

    The hopscotch tiles are a super idea. They turned out awesome!

  4. Cassie Says:

    Very lovely ideas! And look at all those vines! I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

    And baby pumpkins….soo cute!

    Happy Growing!

  5. Cathryn Says:

    Love the stepping stones and looks like everything is so orderly and growing well! The varieties of sunflowers you have planted sound so interesting, can’t wait to see the colors!

  6. Kindra Hayes Says:

    Love the hopscotch! We are over is Palatine. There has been a lot of wet weather here and it has been good for weeding and quick growing plants 🙂

    • Thank you, yes, you’re right! Our poor plants are so confused with this weather. From 90’s to 70’s in a blink. Hoping we all have a good summer of just the right amount of sunshine and rain!

  7. LOVE the hopscotch inside the tunnel…so very creative! I can’t believe you have baby pumpkins already, I don’t even have blooms…darn rain!

    What a lovely gift from your mil…I can’t wait to see them growing as I’m not familiar with a vine that blooms like a bat…rockin’! Kim

    • We started the pumpkins from seed inside-WAY too early. I kept potting them up until we could finally plant. I couldn’t believe that it actually set fruit being so root bound in a milk jug container.

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