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Sunflower House is Planted! May 31, 2011

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Despite all the lousy weather and rain we had this holiday weekend, we managed to squeeze in some time to get all the winter sown sunflower seedlings planted around the kids’ climber. Only time will tell if this works! We planted Mammoth Sunflowers around the back and then an assortment of the Burpee Sunflower Cutting Mix in front. Autumn Beauty-yellow/red/brown (5-6 ft) Vanilla Ice-closest to white (4-6 ft), Aztec Gold Hybid (6-7 ft) and Jade Hybrid, a lime green version with cream centers (4-5 ft).


One Response to “Sunflower House is Planted!”

  1. Rose Says:

    This will be such a fun place when all those sunflowers bloom! Every year I plant a few giant sunflowers in an out of the way place, but my husband forgets they’re there and mows them down, thinking they’re weeds. I’ve made a special point to remind him where they are this year:)

    Thanks for visiting me recently; Blogger wouldn’t let me leave comments for a week, so I’m rather lately getting back to visit everyone.

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