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State of the Seedlings 04-14-11 April 17, 2011

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The week got away from me and I never posted the first State of the Seedlings! Lots more germination and growth this week. I’ll just sum it up in pictures this time. Click pictures to enlarge.


4 Responses to “State of the Seedlings 04-14-11”

  1. MrBrownThumb Says:

    Wow, you’ve got a bunch of cool little seedlings going here. Good luck with planting them out.

  2. I have a seedling picker too. She especially like to pull my marigolds from the earth just to see their roots. Arg! I haven’t photographed her doing it, but I did get a really cute picture of her peeking between the tomato ladders at me before she tried to climb in to my Square Foot Garden.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Cristy! What a curious, budding gardener you have on your hands. I love all my kids in the garden pics-something so right about the two together. DH joked that I was nurturing our seedlings as though they were another child… Just the Mom in us, I guess.

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