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State of the Seedllings 04-10-11 April 14, 2011

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1. We noticed more sprouts in winter sown containers on Saturday:
19 & 20 Violas (Johnny Jump Ups)
41 Vanilla Ice Sunflower
And some more on Sunday:
13 Echinacea-Purple & White Coneflower
14 Zinnias
18 Snap Dragons-Tall Mixed
50 1/2 Broccoli Raab and 1/2 Giant Parsley di Napoli
It’s GORGEOUS and sunny and 70 today, so I’m sure we’ll see more this week.

2. I noticed that our lettuces and baby spinach were starting to get their first true leaves and since I’m impatient, I decided to transplant some of these tiny plants to our square foot garden under row cover as well as a deck planter box. We’ll compare all three spots to see what’s the best for early growth.

Lettuce in Square Foot Bed

Lettuce in Planter Box

3. We have not noticed a single pea plant sowed on 3-31-11 poke through the soil yet. We planted the second side of the trellis on 4-7-11. Hoping a critter didn’t make off with our seeds…

4. I may have jumped the shark on the San Marzano and Amish Paste tomatoes by pre-sprouting more seeds! Both varieties finally germinated under lights and then all 3 San Marzano seeds pre-sprouted on the paper towel. I tried to transplant these as carefully as I could, we’ll see if they survive. Well, that’s just more to give as gifts, right?

5. The indoor seedlings look to be doing well. We found a really nice toasty germinating spot on top of the stereo receiver, much to Father of Pearls dismay. Alot of the Phlox seedlings got their start there and are now under lights, where they’d languished in the cooler basement originally with the Marigolds and Moss Roses in the same flat. Alright, next year I may have to buys some seed starting mats. Must look for clearance ones this summer.

6. I decided to try Sweet William mix/Dianthus inside, since I’d like to have alot more as edging plants. Father of Pearls has been hard at work moving garden wall blocks around to create new borders around plantings and that Alyssum and Dianthus will come in handy I hope. This will have to be the last of the seeding starting, since we’ll be out of room under the lights, especially when we pot up.


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