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Growing Update 4-8-11 April 8, 2011

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So far, over half of our 52 winter sown containers have some kind of germination. The ones that haven’t yet are some tender annuals, so that makes sense. Go Mother Nature! Here is the list:
1 Lettuce-Green Ice
3 & 4 & 51Alyssum-Royal Carpet
5 Dianthus-Ipswich Pinks
6 & 7 Shasta Daisy-Silver Princess
8 Wildflower Blend for Full Sun
9 Rose Mallow
10 & 11 Black Eyed Susan
15 Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson
16 Baby Leaf Spinach
21 & 22 Bachelor Buttons-Cyanus Double Mixed
23 Sweet William Mix-Dianthus Barbatus
24 Lamb’s Ear
30 Grand Rapids Leaf Lettuce
31 Strawberry Pink Foxglove
32 Liatris Purple
33 Dianthus-Hot Pink
34 Salvia-Purple
38 Dianthus-White & Purple
39 & 40 Mammoth Sunflower
42 Jade Hybrid Sunflower
43 Autumn Beauty Mix Sunflower
52 Broccoli Waltham

Most everything is very TINY! I was at the garden center today and saw some cute Alyssum flats. Hard to imagine my tiny seedlings will grow to be that big and WHEN? Hopefully a warm up soon will get these babies growing. I’m getting a bit impatient!

We’ve accomplished one more item on our to-do list. This week, we made our own square foot grid out of the blind slats.

Square Foot Garden Grid

I think it looks pretty good for the purpose it needs to serve. We ended up with 7×4=28 squares in all! I still want to get some 12″ wood dowels to glue together to represent the 4-9-16 per square planting guide. I think the visual will be perfect for the kids (and me) for our first planting. I’m hoping to start to see some true leaves on the lettuces and then we’ll plant those out. I think we’re going to like the square foot gardening premise here.

The indoor started seeds are looking good. Within the two weeks, I’d say we had about 98% germination. I’m too lazy to do the actual count/math! I’ll get some pictures up soon. We added another shop light, so we can have more room to move out potted up plants. We already potted up the Jack Be Little Pumpkins because the roots were almost 6″ long and trailing though the bottom of the flat.


2 Responses to “Growing Update 4-8-11”

  1. How exciting!! I can’t wait to see pictures of your sprouts. When are you going to start hardening off your indoor sown seedlings?


    • This is the first time for indoor seeding too, so I guess we’ll start that closer to May. They’re all still so tiny and just getting their first true leaves. At least they’re still alive. The kids are nuts about our little seedling lab in the basement!

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