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Garden Update 4-2-11 & 4-3-11 April 3, 2011

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4-2-11 Since the dwarf zinnias were growing so well, we decided to start another flat of those, so we’d have a big grouping of them to plant.

More Dwarf Zinnias-makeshift greenhouse!

4-3-11 We noticed the TINIEST bit of germination starting on the Marigolds,and Moss Roses flat!

Marigold Sprout

4-3-11 Since we had no germination on two of the tomato varieties, I decided to try to pre sprout three seeds each of Amish Paste and San Marzano on damp paper towels in Ziploc bags. Hoping it works, we need some paste tomatoes this summer!

Pre-sprouting Seeds

Sorry, the pictures are a bit boring in content, but one of things I like about blog surfing is seeing the many ways people garden and a visual always helps.


2 Responses to “Garden Update 4-2-11 & 4-3-11”

  1. Not boring pictures at all. I love seeing sprouts just emerging.

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