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Garden Update 4-1-11 April 3, 2011

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We were originally planning on sowing our Green Arrow Peas on St. Patrick’s Day. But I’d read of some very cold weather returning, so we waited. Finally we decided that April Fool’s Day was as good as any to “fool” Mother Nature that we really can garden in Illinois in early spring! We planted just one side of the bean trellis and we’ll stagger another planting in a week. I decided to just plant to the thin to instructions (6″) instead of wasting them. That and the packet said you could plant a double row 6″ apart, so we staggered some in between the first row. Hope this works with how we have the trellis. I’ve read Peas don’t mind being crowded, here’s hoping that’s true.

We also noticed more containers with a hint of sprouts. We’ve got warm weather ahead, so I’m sure we’ll see a bunch more this week and update!


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