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Seed Sowing Update 3-31-11 April 1, 2011

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The following are containers we resowed. I had used a very cheap Impatien seed box and decided I could better use the space with these performers!
#48 Swiss Chard-Fordhook Giant
#49 Swiss Chard-Neon Lights
#50 1/2 Broccoli Raab and 1/2 Giant Parsley di Napoli
#52 Broccoli Waltham

We also started a flat of seeds indoors of:
24 Phlox Fantasy Mix
24 Moss Rose Magic Carpet Mix
24 Marigold-Burpee’s Best Mix

We’ve had a cold snap, so we haven’t noticed too many more sprouts in our winter sown containers, although I spotted a few new in the Shasta Daisy container #9.

Our first flat of indoor seeds seem to be doing well, our cheap shop light seems to be doing the trick. We have germination in all but the Sweet Peppers, San Marzano, Brandywine, waiting waiting… The Dwarf Zinnias are doing the best, I may add another tray of those, so we can have a larger patch of them!

Lastly, we were so excited to see some Tete a tete Daffs peeking up thru the soil today. We had transplanted them from a spot in the backyard where they continued to bloom year after year despite adverse conditions! The original owners had planted them around a tree that we later removed. That area was later seeded with grass and they continued to come up in the grass. Then that are became the pile of excess mulch we had left over and then tons of dirt and sod in hopes of building a berm and planting arbor vitaes there at some point. They plowed their way all of that, so last summer I moved them to near the front entry. I hadn’t a clue as to what I was doing, but it looks like I did something right!


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