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Starting Seeds Indoors March 29, 2011

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Indoor Seed Starting

We started a big flat of seeds on Friday, March 25th. Mostly warm weather veggies like tomatoes and peppers, things with long DTM, with some herbs and flowers to fill in the 50 spots. Next, we’ll sow a flat of impatiens in hopes of saving some money by not having to buy any flats of flowers this summer and hopefully have copious amouts of them {fingers crossed}.

We started:
2-Isis Candy Tomatoes
3-Brandwine Tomatoes
2-Amish Paste Tomatoes
2-Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
2-Monster Tomatoes
4-Sweet 100 Tomatoes
3-San Marzano Tomatoes
4-Pepper Mixed
2-Orange Eggplant
2-Jalepeno Pepper Mild
4-Sweet Basil
4-Jack Be Little Pumpkins
6-Dwarf Zinnias

On Tuesday, March 29, we noticed sprouts on 2 Zinnias and the Chamomille! I went ahead and took off the clear top and put them under the makeshift grow lights we rigged up in the basement. Wondering if I should figure out some bottom heat to help the rest sprout, but I didn’t want to spend any money on that. I was thinking maybe the microwaveable warm packets from my Pyrex Portables may be a good option to try.


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