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A Little More Winter Sowing and More Sprouts Update March 21, 2011

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51 Containers Sown

I got a little behind in updating our progress. We sowed the following on 3-17-11:
#44 Purple Wave Petunias
#45 ”
#46 Verbena, Mixed
#47 ”
See 3-31-11 update for #48-#50. I had seeded this cheap impatien mix in these, but decided to not waste all that “space” and order better impatien seeds instead, so we reseeded these.
#51 Alyssum Royal Carpet

And we noticed so many more sprouts this weekend!
#15 Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
#16 Baby Spinach-there were not alot of sprouts in here, so I sowed more in there.

Baby Spinach Sprouts

#30 Grand Rapids Leaf Lettuce
#21 & #22 Bachelor Buttons
#3 & #4 Alyssum Royal Carpet

Alyssum Sprouts


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