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More Winter Sowing Updates 03-09-11 March 13, 2011

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This week we winter sowed the following:

#34 Salvia-Purple
#35 Obedient Plant-White
#36 Lupine Mix
#37 Butterfly Weed-White
#38 Dianthus-White & Purple
#39 Mammoth Sunflower
#40 ”
#41 Vanilla Ice Sunflower
#42 Jade Hybrid Sunflower
#43 Autumn Beauty Mix Sunflower

Notes: #34 through #39 were more seeds from Amy’s own gardens!
#41 through #43 were the seeds we won from Amy’s contest!
We are out of our saved milk jugs and only generating a few a week, but thankfully we’ve neared the end of our winter sowing for the season! Of course we went to Lowe’s yesterday and found a few more packets we had to have-some Purple Wave Petunias and Verbena.

In other garden updates, we got our compost bin loaded up. Several bags of yard waste and leaves from the spring clean up layered with bags of Starbuck’s coffee grounds and kitchen scraps should hopefully get the compost cookin’. We also bought what we needed for the Mel’s mix, so we need to get that combined and spread over the beds. We’re still hoping to get the peas in for St. Patty’s day. That and we desperately need mulch this year. Lowe’s had some of the nice dark brown hardwood in bags, so I think I’ll pick up some and work my way through all the beds. I should have taken some befoer pictures, the cleaned out beds look so nice, all ready for new growth.


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