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Winter Sowing 03-04-11 March 5, 2011

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Get Busy Gardening Contest

So, with a one day warm snap, we sowed a few more containers yesterday.  Thanks to the very generous, Amy, from Get Busy Gardening, we have many more seeds to sow. We won her first round of Winter Sowing contests and received a huge packet of Sunflower Cutting Mix seeds as well as countless perennial seeds collected from Amy’s own beautiful gardens! Get over there to see what all the excitement is about!

#23  Sweet William Mix-Dianthus Barbatus -in perennial garden

#24  Lamb’s Ear-perennial-definitely going in the Children’s Garden area. Can’t wait to get my hands on the fluffy soft leaves! And I love that I read somewhere that it’s a medicinal plant that is good to put on kids’ boo-boos! A soft, healing band-aid if you will. Good info link

Lovely close up of Lamb's Ears

#25  Obedient Plant-Purple-interesting perennial plant, named because it’s said you can twist the flowers around on the stems to where you want them which makes it a fun Children’s garden plant too. I love garden blog hopping and the search for an image to link for this plant brought me to Colors of The Garden blog Amazing, beautiful gardens!

Obedient Plant

#26  Hardy Hibiscus-Pink

#27 Hardy Hibiscus-White

#28  Columbine Mix

Only six containers completed, but it started to rain and it quickly became time to pick up Miss Pearl. We’ve been doing our winter sowing outside on the deck for ease of clean up (brrrrrrr!), but I think if we want to step up production, we may have to move our operations inside and deal with the mess.  Blasted cold, wet weather. You’d think it was Spring or something!


2 Responses to “Winter Sowing 03-04-11”

  1. kerri Says:

    Hi Michele,
    Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comment and well wishes for my husband. He’s gaining a little each day. We just have to be patient!
    I’m happy to have you use my photo on your blog. Thanks for the link and credit.
    The Obedient Plant is a beautiful late summer bloomer when so many other plants are finished and bees flock to it. Just be careful to plant it in a place where it can spread without overtaking other smaller plants. It can be a bit of a thug in some situations but it does beautifully where I have it. I just pull it out when it spreads to where I don’t want it. It transplants easily too.
    Good luck with your winter sowing. What a fun project to do with the kids. Little future gardeners 🙂
    I throw an old sheet on the kitchen table and use that as a work table to plant seeds when the weather outside is too cold.
    It’s frightful out there tonight. We’re having yet another snowstorm!!

  2. Hey Michele,
    Great post! I can’t wait to see how all of your seeds do! Thanks for posting the link to this on my blog. 🙂


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