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Signs You're The Littlest Brother Part 2… October 19, 2009

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10 17 09 011
…Big Brother uses you as a Hot Wheels Ramp and Parking Lot!

If you’ve never had the pleasure of snuggling our sweet Mister Emerald, you can definitely tell a lot about his personality from this picture. He’s by far the mellowest kid of the bunch. At five and a half months, he has yet to roll over. He’s just content to lay on the floor taking it all in amid the swirling chaos around him! Middle-named for our beloved, placid, sweet Gramps, Mister Emerald truly shares those qualities with him. When Miss Pearl first came to see Mr.Emerald in the hospital, she remarked, “Mommy, he’s the perfect baby for us.” I couldn’t have said it better. We love you, Littlest Brother!


One Response to “Signs You're The Littlest Brother Part 2…”

  1. Kristine Says:

    Sweet!! Love this!!

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