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Ha…Accountability! June 20, 2009

Filed under: Garden — motherofpearls @ 12:43 pm

…Maybe that’s the purpose this blog will serve, for me to be accountable for various tasks! I said in my last gardening post that we would get the rest of the garden planted on Sunday and we did! Now for the hardest part, the waiting, waiting, waiting. We are very encouraged by the sight of some shoots already peeking out of the soil, especially the cucumbers! I see fresh cucumber salads in our future. We’re supposed to have some hot weather this week, so grow garden, grow.

Now if we could just figure out how to keep the birds out of our stawberry patch… Or at least they could be neater about it and take the entire berry. They nibble on part of the best, reddest berries and leave the rest languishing on the vines. And even more aggravating is that we have a pretty bird-friendly yard. We have several bird feeders and some serviceberry trees with lovely, ripe red berries just for them. Maddening!

And to close with a funny… Mister Pearl and Miss Pearl were of course helping us plant.  I had just run a length of twine between two nails across one of the beds along which we would plant seeds.  I turned around to get my shovel just in time to see Mister Pearl ceremoniously snip my line with the kid scissors I had brought outside with me. I couldn’t get mad at his sudden fine motor prowess with the scissors.  He is now affectionately dubbed  “The Mayor”!  We’re booking him out for opening ceremonies and engagements!


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