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Blogs that inspire – Celebrating Motherhood – Thank you, Nie September 9, 2008

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You pretty much can’t go anywhere in the blogging community without seeing these lovely buttons. And after clicking on it and reading the story of a beautiful, young family facing a seemingly unsurmountable tragedy, my mind continually returns to their plight. Stephanie & Christian Nielson were in a serious plane crash and are hospitalized in critical condition with severe burns. They have four young children between 2 and 6 that are being lovingly cared for by her family in Utah. Stephanie is the author of the beautiful, creative blog NieNie Dialogues. Where many “Mommy blogs” are filled with the trials and tribulations and craziness of motherhood (that help us laugh & know we’re not alone), Stephanie chose to truly celebrate and embrace stay at home motherhood and marrriage. In reading through some of her posts, she’s truly inspired me with her words, images and strong faith. Her extended family, too, is amazing. They both come from large Mormon families and they have all stepped in to lovingly care for their sweet kiddos and all the affairs of the family. Her sister Courtney’s blog See Jane Run is where recent updates have been posted.

It is situations such as this that make you really ponder your life and think of all the What ifs? Motherhood alone brings about so many of these fears naturally-what if something happened to me/us? Our legacies we are leaving? Are we living each day to the fullest? It truly appeared that Stephanie did. And she counted her many blessings daily. In one of her posts she said “I believe my home is heaven on earth.” Thanks NieNie for the inspiration.

After our trip, I hope to organize an eBay auction to donate the proceeds to Nie’s Recovery fund. There are hundreds of such activities going on around the world/blogshere.


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