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We interrupt this programming… September 6, 2008

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Words escape me at the moment. Perhaps it’s the ringing in my ears or the fog over my brain from two straight days of whining, whimpering, and wailing from Mr. Pearl. We first suspected teething (rolling eyes a bit here). He had a slight fever, was waking at night and has been drooling. He keeps yelling “owie” and grabbing his mouth. Now he won’t eat or drink much. We may be packing it in for one of those Sunday morning Urgent Care visits if he doesn’t improve. And Miss Pearl surely doesn’t like when all the attention is directed towards her brother, so she decided to get in on the late night act, crying and thrashing in her bed waking Mr. Pearl just after I got him soothed back to sleep. And we’ve got a full WEEK ahead of obligations and things that absolutely need to get done, crabby kids or not, right up until we leave for the Happiest Place on Earth. And a short memo to Hurricane Ike: Stay AWAY! We’re coming he$% or high water.Literally. 9/11 didn’t stop our Honeymoon Maui trip, so you won’t either. Thanks, the Pearls.


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