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First Day of Preschool September 1, 2008

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The first day of preschool went swimmingly well for Miss Pearl. I can’t help but conjure up the thought of the Finding Nemo sequence where Nemo is excitedly shouting “First Day of School! First day of School! Wake Up, Dad!” She was so excited to finally be going to the same school where Daddy attended as well as her favorite big cousins. Drop off was seamless & I was able to snap a few pictures while trying to keep Mister Pearl somewhat contained in the sea of kids.

It was truly one of those bittersweet moments. You know they are ready to embark on their school journey, but you want to keep them little for a bit longer. When I snapped the above picture and saw it in the viewfinder, it instantly made me think of another image snapped just three short (long?) years ago.

I was also comforted by the fact that we had read the sweetest, most relevant story book quite by accident last night. It was another one of my fun thrift shop book finds, The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn. It was a beautifully illustrated, pristine hardcover that I briefly leafed though. We started reading it only to realize that it was about a sweet little Raccoon’s first day of school. And how the Momma Raccoon kissed the Little Racoon’s palm and said to hold it up to his cheek if he was missing her. Then the Little Racoon did the same to his Momma-sniff, sniff. I’m not sure who need that Kissing Hand more… (Apparently Penn has written several sequels to this book which I’d love to get!)

And of course, what I was really wishing for, is that the epitomy of a two year old, Mister Pearl, could have gone through those doors instead. Oh boy, has he ever been trying what shred of patience we have left. But here he is, cute as pie, sporting his very own Cars backpack, wanting desperately to do everything his big sister does. He jumped in all the pictures I was trying to take of her with her classmates.

Everyone was quite enamored with Mr. Pearl, but, oh, the terrific, terrible two tantrum he threw, when he found out he could not enter the school with the rest of the kids. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…


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  1. Kristine Says:

    So sweet! Love the new blog look!

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