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What to do with those club size Zucchini & other garden news August 26, 2008

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We were checking Father of Pearls’ Mom’s garden when in only a week’s time, we discovered one of those huge, overgrown zucchinis. We plucked it out of there and my food processor made super short work of grating it up. We tried a Chocolate Zucchini bread recipe that was just OK, but then we tried thisChocolate Zucchini Cake recipe and found a winner! It was very moist and was a cross between a brownie & regular cake texture. The kids even ate some after breakfast and it wasn’t frosted. I know, I know. But it brings to mind that hilarious Bill Cosby skit, “Dad is great. He gives us some Chocolate Cake”.

And in big garden news, the three cauliflower plants that have been taking up WAY too much garden real estate without producing a thing have finally started to develop a head of cauliflower. The Pearls’ were so excited to make this discovery. Yum, I can taste that roasted cauliflower recipe already.


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