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Fun Vintage Find 4 Piece Canister Set August 19, 2008

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I just love vintage kitchen stuff! I found these cool vintage canisters recently at the thrift shop, marked down half to $3.63. I simply couldn’t pass them up! The olive green is perfect to match our granite and kitchen decor and the maybe-one-day-to-be-painted kitchen. Although Father of Pearls is still holding out that I’ll find the brown vintage ones he grew up with, these will work until then.
I love to Google these vintage finds to learn more about them. On the bottom of the canisters is “Lincoln Beauty Ware”. I didn’t find a whole lot, but they look to be from the 1950’s and from various descriptions, these are in good shape.


One Response to “Fun Vintage Find 4 Piece Canister Set”

  1. Kristine Says:

    You have such a good eye for the thrift deals!! They do look great in your kitchen!

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