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Can you really make Sun Dried Tomatoes in your car? August 12, 2008

Filed under: Garden — motherofpearls @ 8:36 pm

Humor us while we try this little experiment! I found this clever idea at a great website called, Pick Your Own. Every time I have Googled lately about gardening, preserving or canning, this site comes up in my search and looks to be a wealth of information. We’ve had some pretty little Romas ripen this week and we wanted to make good use out of these early babies! With a few, we roasted them in the oven with a breadcrumb & parmesan mix then drizzled with olive oil. They were so delicious.

Then I read that sun dried tomatoes are best made with paste tomatoes like the Roma or Plum. Unfortunately, our weather took a turn for the cooler this week, so it’s not as roasty in the car as it’s been. It may take several days for them to completely dry out. We’ll update soon with the results.


One Response to “Can you really make Sun Dried Tomatoes in your car?”

  1. Kristine Says:

    That’s hilarious! I’m intrigued to know if it works!

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