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Never a Dull Moment! July 15, 2008

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Well, it was bound to happen with a super active & daring little boy like ours… Our very first trip to the ER yielded a fractured wrist from a tumble off the couch. He has what’s called a Torus Buckle, a minor and apparently very common childhood injury. Didn’t make us feel any better to hear that, but he was the bravest ‘lil man in the ER. Everyone commented on how sweet he was. The Peds ER was filled that night, and they ministered to him in a makeshift bed in a ‘lil Red Radio Flyer Wagon. He got a wagon ride and a popsicle on his way out! He got his actual cast today, bright neon green! Can’t imagine all the attention he’s going to get over the next few weeks. I have sat in amazement as I’ve watched him be so strong & brave, much stronger than his Mommy that’s for sure! Kids are so amazingly resilient.
Case in point:


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