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Pearls' Garden Update, Cookbook Obsession & South Beach Diet Phase One June 22, 2008

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Wow, how is it another week has flown by with hardly a new post? So today’s entry will be a huge compiliation of all the posts I’ve been composing in my head, but not had the time to write!

First a Pearls’ Garden update. We have thoroughly enjoyed going out to check the progress of our garden each morning. Our oldest Pearl has become quite proficient at pulling the tiny lingering weeds & not disrupt or pull any actually plants! Gardening sure isn’t for the impatient though! Each day the Pearls inspect their tomato plants for signs of something they can harvest. We have one Roma that has several nice sized green tomatoes already on it. That plant was bundled with several herbs and the dill from it is getting very tall already. I plan on cutting some and using it in recipes this week. I also read that Dill freezes particularly well, so you can harvest & freeze in small plastic bags.

Speaking of gardening to table, I came across a lovely thrift shop cookbook find called Joy of Gardening Cookbook by Janet Ballantyne. Circa 1984, so there are alot of funny, dated images, but the book has a concise chapter devoted to each vegetable which includes terrific harvesting tips and quick recipes to incorporate items from your garden in each meal! Perfect for the novice gardener like myself! She has a number of delicious summer squash recipes that I cannot wait to try.

And maybe a bit of a digression, but we all know how much I love books and reading, but lately Cookbooks, especially Vintage Cookbooks, have become my passion! I love pouring through the simple, old recipes back when Splenda and other genetically modified food thankfully didn’t exist. It’s amazing what you can learn from them. I’ve also been listing some on eBay if they prove to be more valuable, hey, I need to fund my “habit” somehow!

And lastly, I picked up a copy of the South Beach Diet book and really liked the premise and meal plans, so I am attempting Phase One this week. I could never in a million years have done Atkins, I was just eating too poorly at the time it was popular and then became pregnant. But, now, I’m really not too far off from their Phase 2 plan. It’s going to kill me though, forgoing fruit, milk, and my favorite whole grains for two weeks. Wish me luck!


One Response to “Pearls' Garden Update, Cookbook Obsession & South Beach Diet Phase One”

  1. Kristine Says:

    You can do it!! 2 weeks will fly by!!

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