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Farmer's Markets, Vegetables, Locavores and more May 31, 2008

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Where we live, the Farmer’s Market season gets in full swing this coming week.  We cannot wait to meander down all aisles taking in all of the beautiful produce, flowers and treats. You can search for your local Farmer’s Markets here.

I stumbled upon a supremely interesting blog while searching for some vegetable recipes, A Veggie Venture. The author, “Your Veggie Evangelist” Alanna Kellogg, has an amazing archive of recipes that I cannot wait to try throughout the season. And I want to quote a lovely piece of her blog that rings so true for me on why we blog about food. (Darby, Cheryl, Ghadah, and Kristine, this is especially dedicated to you, thank you for all of your inspiration and friendship!)

“Our moms and grandmoms shared favorite recipes with their friends across kitchen tables. Food bloggers do too, it’s just that the table is the Internet and the chairs sit in homes all over North America and Europe and Asia and Australia and New Zealand and even some sprouting out from South America. And lo – there are men at the table!

*Food bloggers are family, of sorts. Several times a week, we ‘break bread’ together with our posts and comments. We celebrate our successes and comfort our hurts. We learn from and challenge each other. We even have a school where everyone’s both student and teacher. Is it friendship? Yes, I think so. Is it community without geography? Absolutely.”

Veggie Venture also has some wonderful graphics for bloggers to use in promoting the “Locavore” movement! Don’t know what a locavore is? It’s someone who favors buying locally grown produce in season! And this movement is gaining exposure as people discover that the best-tasting and most sustainable choices are foods that are fresh, seasonal, and grown close to home (or at home!). An absolute favorite book of mine by Barbara Kingsolver chronicles just this idea, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life. In a beautifully narrated prose, Kingsolver’s family challenges themselves to spend a year eating only what is grown locally, in season, or home grown. So no cardboard, tasteless supermarket strawberries in December or pears in March… When you finish the book, you just think to yourself, this is such a simple, beautiful idea and makes perfect sense. It’s just that we, as a fast food nation, have gotten so incredibly far from this premise. But I want that for the Pearls. I want them to learn about all of the beautiful, delicious and healthy foods we can have at our fingertips. I want to teach them how to prepare and enjoy them and share them with friends and family (and learn a thing or two for myself on this journey.) So come along, more vegetable adventures are sure to follow!


One Response to “Farmer's Markets, Vegetables, Locavores and more”

  1. Well my my, I blush. I’m so glad that A Veggie Venture – from recipes to writing to graphics – struck such a lovely chord with you.

    PS I haven’t read this Barbara Kingsolver yet but heard her on Speaking of Faith one morning and couldn’t help but be struck by the connection between food and faith.

    PPS Last of the local asparagus this morning but the strawberries — aiii — the strawberries. No shortcake from these first few.

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