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Fruit Snacks are like Preschooler Crack in my house May 8, 2008

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Yes, I’m a mean Mommy who no longer buys fruit snacks. And it’s not because there is zero redeeming nutritional value in them or that the dentist warned us of serious tooth decay from them. No, they are contraband at our house, simply because they turn my two Pearls into snack crack addicts. Case in point, if they know that said items are in the house, they will stand at our kid-proof, locked pantry door, whining and wailing to get a package. And much like the addict, once they get some, one package just won’t do. “We need more, you wretched Mommy. Feed our insatiable desire for fruit snacks.” And they turn into raving loons as a result. So they’ve been banished. The fruit snacks that is.

Lucky for the Pearls though, I’m not so mean as to not buy any sweet snacks, after all, that would be wrong given my penchant for sweets! Overall, the Pearls eat pretty well, so I don’t fret much about allowing them some “junk food” treats. But I have been trying to find better alternatives & combing the aisles of Trader Joes & our Natural Food store for new things to try. My requirements were that they did not contain HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) or other artificial sweeteners and didn’t have a list of ingredients a mile long (less is more). Here are a few we’ve tried that have become proven winners in our house.

We love the Fruitbu Fruit Flats and Fruit Twirls, “organic smooshed fruit”. I love their fun, quirky website and they’re darn nice folks too. I emailed them about how much we love their product and they sent me some coupons to try a new product! Try them, especially the Strawberry ones, you’ll find yourself hoarding them from the kids! I’ve found them in nearly every grocery store I shop.

We also really like Snikiddy Snacks. Great tasting, USDA organic puff type snacks. We have tried and loved so far the Grilled Cheese Puffs, Ranch Puffs & Chocolate Chippers. Our Sam’s Club had a huge box of perfect snack size bags recently.

Then, there’s the line by Just Tomatoes of amazing freeze dried fruit. They’re pricey, but a good friend shared her Co-op connection to buying them wholesale from time to time. Everything we’ve tried from there has been delightful. The corn is as sweet as candy, as are the strawberries, pineapple, and fruit salad mix. I’ve only seen these at Whole Foods locally, but you can buy in bulk at Amazon Just Tomatoes Just Corn, 8-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 3) and Just Tomatoes Just Strawberries, 4-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 2) or at the Just Tomatoes website.

Finally, Trader Joe’s has a number of tasty treats we’ve been buying regularly. The “Ends & Pieces” bag of fruit leathers are as sweet as candy. Their Granola & “This Cereal Walks into a Bar” bars are delicious.

I’m sure there are plenty more we haven’t tried. I’d love to hear some other favorites!


One Response to “Fruit Snacks are like Preschooler Crack in my house”

  1. kate Says:

    hey i came to your site via mom blogs.
    anyway thanks for the tips for fruit. i cant stand the snack addict, and my son can put away some food! lol. anway try craisons. some kids love them.. but i really love them!

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