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Using a Rain Barrel for Eco-friendly Gardening May 5, 2008

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The thought had not crossed my mind until I read about rain barrels on the blog, Live.Different. I love the idea and think it would be a terrific complement to our garden. I’m sure I’ve seen them a million times, I just never realized what their purpose was. (Yea, yea, always a city girl at heart!) I mentioned it to Father of Pearls, and with an air of recognition, he said that a town they are building in may mandate the use of them and he had already looked into them some. My initial concerns though would be of aesthetics, child safety & pest control. Here’s a link that I found with many attractive varieties. I rather like the old wooden barrel look, which would blend in well with our siding.

If you’re considering one as well, you may want to first check with your local government offices before making an expensive purchase. Many cities are starting to subsidize conservation items such as these because of the many benefits they can afford communities.

Now, if I could only get the childhood tune out of my head, “Slide down my rain barrel, into my cellar door, and we’ll be friends forever more, more…”


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