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Pearls’ Garden Adventure #1 – Starting Seeds Indoors – A Pictorial May 1, 2008

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This year, we figured it would be a great year to start our very own vegetable & herb garden. Father of Pearls & I imagined it would be a fun project to share with the Pearls and help us to get more veggies into our diets. Do remind me of this when it’s 100 degrees and I’m weeding on my hands & knees all summer long while the kids have happily abandoned our little project… All kidding aside, I think they’ll enjoy it. We experimented with some tomatoes last year and they had a ball plucking and eating them warm and sweet off the vine!

But preceeding the actual planting, we decided to try a little science experiment of starting two varieties of seeds indoors for later planting in our garden. We adore the Burpee Super Sweet 100’s, a tiny, sugar-sweet cherry tomato, and we tried a packet of Broccoli as well. The Pearls were quite enthusiastic about helping to get the little seeds started. Here they are hard at work!

Look at this! Two weeks later and we are patting ourselves on the backs for having such green thumbs! “Reach for the light, little seedlings!”

Fast forward a couple of weeks. I walk upstairs to find the door to our sunny guest bathroom ajar (it’s where we were keeping them safe & warm) and with horror, I see mostly brown dirt in the flats.

Only a few pathetic stems left.

Wanted: the herbivore feline in connection with this heinous crime. I don’t know which one of you pesky felines did the crime, but rest assured, you’ll do the time. What a tragic end to our little science project.

Ah, but stay tuned for more Pearls’ Garden Adventures as we plot out our Garden and get ready to plant very soon!


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