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Just another weblog – A Great Company that actually sends you surveys and pays cash for your opinions April 5, 2008

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My Dad is a Marketing Exec, so I grew up amidst alot of marketing and advertising talk, which I found fascinating.  In college, I joined some survey panels and participated in various focus groups to earn a few extra bucks and maybe influence future products.  Recently, I followed some links on a friend’s blog to register with a few online survey companies.  I figured, how great, I can earn a little money and offer my opinions all from the comforts of home! 

Out of all the companies, the STANDOUT in terms of actually receiving surveys and receiving enough to earn points to convert into rewards was  I’ve loved working with thus far.  I’m not sure if it’s my particular deomographic (thirty-SOMETHING!, Female, Mother of young kids), but I have been consistenly receiving an average of 3-6 survey offers a week.  You earn usually 10 points just for attempting to qualify by answering a few questions.  I end up qualifying for most of the surveys and then am rewarded additional points for doing a more in depth survey. I have also received product to try out and then write a review on its merits. Most surveys take on average 5-10 minutes to complete. What’s also great about is they have a terrific little add-on called MySurvey Messenger. After you install it, you will get a small pop up message while online alerting you to any new surveys, so you’re guaranteed not to miss one. And, they have a TERRIFIC referral program. You can refer friends and get 150 points! I just qualified for my first award recently. I chose the cash and below is evidence that they truly do what they say they will do! img_0090web.gif is easy and FREE to join! And one huge bonus, it is the one company that I’ve registered for that has NOT rendered me to a mailbox full of SPAM-Thanks very much, CoolSavings & a few others… (I created a specific hotmail account just to give out to survey companies.) You can learn more or join by using th link below! Good luck.


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