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Watkins Trivia Time – The "Trial Mark Bottle" March 24, 2008

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My Dad is a huge trivia buff! He knows more random facts than anyone I know. So here’s a new one I learned recently.

In 1869, Watkins founder, J.R. Watkins, created the “Trial Mark Bottle”. The design on the back of the bottle featured a line molded into the glass, nearly a third of the way down. The customer was encouraged to use the product risk-free down to the line. If the customer was not satisfied with the product’s performance, J.R. would refund his or her money with no questions asked. This represented the world’s first money-back guarantee and we still honor it today with every product in our line.

 “If a Watkins product used in your home is, for any reason, considered not to be satisfactory, please return it for full refund of purchase price.”

It’s great to be part of an organization that has such a rich history for offering top quality customer service and products and helping customers to naturally care for their home and family.


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