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Have you ever had this dream…? March 20, 2008

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…Quickly and efficiently ordering your family’s groceries online & then sitting back as they are delivered right to your countertop? No more dragging cranky kids to the store or braving the after work rush…  No more studying nutrition & ingredient labels until your eyes cross? Wait, this isn’t just a dream? No, it’s Peapod! Have you ever tried this before? Peapod is available in 10 states so far. If you haven’t tried them out, now is your chance to get $10 in free groceries on your first order (enter code CJA2 at checkout) *AND* try out their newest shopping tool, Nutrifilter! Just click on the link below.

Peapod’s NutriFilter helps you make smart food choices quickly and easily by sifting through all products and highlighting the ones that meet your nutritional goals.  It identifies whether products conform to certain dietary plans or nutritional elements. Peapod has several plans already set up to use: Gluten or Peanut free, USDA Good Fiber, Low fat or Low Sodium). Or you can create your own plan to achieve specific dietary goals! WOW! I can’t wait to create one for Weight Watchers!

What will you do with all that free time and sanity that Peapod affords you?!



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