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Weight Watchers Snack – Popcorn – Made even tastier with Watkins March 16, 2008

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At a Weight Watchers meeting, I learned than many successful members enjoy Popcorn as a healthy snack choice. And not the light, microwave, chemically-laden variety, but real, old-fashioned oil-popped popcorn! There are 3 WW points in a 3-cup serving and you’re getting one serving of your healthy oils for the day. (The air-popped variety is 1 WW point for a 3 cup serving).

Both the Father of Pearls and I grew up having “Popcorn Parties”… blankets on the floor, family movie on, digging into a huge bowl of buttery & salty popcorn! Happy times! I was glad to know we could continue our Thursday night tradition, but with a few modifications. We still use our trusty West Bend 82308 Stir Crazy 8-Quart Corn Popper, Black. I love to use the Watkins Grapeseed Oil (especially the Garlic & Parsley one). Because the oil-popper infuses the popcorn with that nice, rich flavor, you don’t need to add butter. But you can spray on some Non-stick cooking spray (Watkins!), to help the toppings adhere. Now, the toppings. The Father of Pearls loves to use his own kettle-korn inspired mix of sweet/salty sugar and salt in a shaker. This continues to be his and the Pearls’ topping of choice. Then I discovered Watkins Butter Salt. One whiff of this jar and you’re instantly transported to the movie theater. A delicious option for buttery good flavor without the added calories. In addition to your popcorn, try it on baked potatoes, corn on the cob, or steamed veggies to name a few. Can you imagine the uses?


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  1. Kristine Says:

    I just saw this post and thought of you!

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