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Get to Know – Watkins Grapeseed Oil March 13, 2008

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Until I discovered Watkins Products, I had never used Grapeseed Oil, nor did I know anything about it. Well, it’s truly a remarkable find and one that should be an addition to everyone’s pantry!  As a cooking oil, Watkins Grapeseed Oil tastes great, yet its light, neutral flavor won’t clash with other foods. In fact, it is a more efficient flavor carrier than other oils, letting foods’ natural goodness shine through.  Grapeseed Oil also has a very high smoking point making it ideal for most cooking and baking. All of qualities make it preferable to Olive Oil for many instances. It is also believed to have some anti-oxidant qualities. Weight Watchers recommends that you get 2 teaspoons a day of healthy oils and this definitely fits that bill.

Watkins offers three unique varieties: Original, Garlic & Parsley and Citrus & Cilantro. The flavor infused varieties are wonderfully potent and perfect for use as a salad oil. All three are delicious served as a dip with warm, crusty bread like the appetizer served at all of our Good Tastings events.  The Garlic & Parsley version would be perfect for your favorite Bruschetta recipes.


2 Responses to “Get to Know – Watkins Grapeseed Oil”

  1. Kristine Says:

    Interesting! Are you using it in all your stove-top cooking? I’m such an olive oil junkie…

    • mmk Says:

      I know, me too! Although I tend to use Olive Oil mostly for Italian-inspired recipes. The Grapeseed Oil more so has replaced any vegetable or canola oils I had been using. I love the Grapeseed Oil for a sweet vinagrette recipe I make. I really want to get one of those Oil sprayers to be able to mist it on things.

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