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Hello & Welcome! March 3, 2008

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Welcome and thanks for making your way here! I started this site to communicate about my new Watkins business by sharing product info, tips, and recipes with you. At any time, you can place an order online at with my ID#377685 or if you’re local to me, you can call or email me!

Some background first, I guess… This past year, our family began making small, gradual changes to healthier eating and living that we hoped would lead to lasting habits. I also joined Weight Watchers to lose the last of that stubborn baby weight (can you call it “baby weight” when your baby is almost 2??)  So, I found myself in the kitchen far more than ever trying to prepare easy, healthy & satisfying meals. From there, I discovered the beauty of using good quality spices and extracts to flavor foods simply and without alot of added calories/WW “points”. Thus, I joined Watkins as a consultant because I loved that they offered so many quality spices and wonderful natural products for my home and family.

So that’s enough about me already. My hope is that you’ll bookmark this blog and return frequently to share in all of the fun! Please don’t be shy, I invite you to post comments, questions or email me at  Please subscribe to the newsletter at the right. Don’t worry, I can barely check my email weekly, so you won’t be innundated with emails! Most likely a quarterly newletter & some monthly give-aways! I’m looking forward to becoming your Watkins Lady! ~Michele


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